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What is Art Dealer?

Gate of the Church Yard
Caspar David Friedrich
Art Dealer is an educational, easy-to-play game that was specifically designed to improve memory and attention skills. Over the course of the game, players get to examine over 1000 classic paintings while also learning about 20 of the world's most influential artists.

Game play revolves around 30 'gray-market' art sales where you attempt to acquire original paintings by famous artists while avoiding the numerous forgeries that are also being sold. The paintings--really all originals--are digitized versions of works by classic artists including Mary Cassatt, J.M.W. Turner, Amedeo Modigliani, Claude Monet, Georges Seurat, Henri Rousseau, William Merritt Chase, Winslow Homer, Rembrandt, Vincent van Gogh, and many others. In order to buy these expensive paintings, you must borrow money from a rich financier--Simon Yates--who also gives you 'inside information' about the originals being offered. You are then taken to the sale where you alone must decide whether or not to buy any of the many paintings being offered.

Blue Horse I
Franz Marc
After each sale, you receive personalized feedback on your performance from Simon. You can also go to your personal Art Gallery to view the paintings you've purchased. The gallery provides additional details about each painting and also allows you to sell any painting, which is often necessary to pay off your loans--a prerequisite for going to the next sale. The value of the paintings along with the amount of money that must be borrowed from Simon increases across sales. And as the game progresses, the value of your originals appreciates while the value of your forgeries depreciates. Thus, your performance at each sale, along with your ability to manage a growing Art Gallery, determines how many paintings and how much money you ultimately acquire.

Girl with Pearl Earring
Johannes Vermeer
The game ends after the 30th sale and you have paid off your final loan. But you can log back into the game at any future time to view the painings in your gallery, or calculate their overall worth. You are also encouraged to replay the full game many times because, although the artists will be the same, which paintings are originals and which are forgeries changes, thereby providing an additional memory challenge and an opportunuity to acquire a different set of classic art works.

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"Great memory exercise, interesting subject matter, FUN to play, great game for almost every age" ... read full review.

Classic Art To view samples of the art shown in the game, point your mouse at any of the artist names to the left.

Art Dealer... - Presents over 1000 paintings by 20 of the world's best artists.

- Uses scientifically-tested memory training principles.

- Remembers game progress over sessions.

- Gently adapts level of difficulty to each individual player.

- Can be played played multiple time by multiple players.