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About Minds Refined Minds Refined is a research and development company that creates computer games specifically designed to enhance cognitive abilities.

Research has shown that cognitive abilities such as memory and attention begin to decline in a person's third decade of life, often reaching significantly impaired levels by the ages of 50 or 60 [read more about Aging, Memory, & Cognition].

Research also suggests, however, that such declines can be slowed or even reversed if cognitive abilities are exercised in the appropriate way [read more about Brain Fitness].

Minds Refined provides such exercise in the form of distinctive, entertaining computer games. By embedding proven training principles into the fabric of each game, we aim to create enjoyable game experiences that inspire as well as rewire.

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Minds Refined has the following unique characteristics:

First, we create games that are specifically directed at the interests and concerns of active, aging adults.

Second, our games are based on scientifically-tested training principles specifically directed at improving cognitive-control [read more about Cognitive Control]. We take this an important step further, however, by embedding those principles in an engaging, educational gaming context. By doing so, we believe we can improve the game's training effectiveness by increasing a person's motivation to 'train' (play!), decreasing their anxiety about cognitive performance, and increasing the time they spend exercising relevant cognitive skills.

Third, our games focus on the central cognitive abilities of memory, attention, and judgment - abilities that underlie almost all complex human activities, including activities related to independent living.

Finally, Minds Refined is not just a game company but is also a research concern whose ultimate goal is to help develop and disseminate effective cognitive-training products that can truly enhance the lives of aging adults.

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